Remember God in the Light of Psychobiology

And (remember) when your Lord took from loin (vertebrae) of the children of Adam their descendants, and God took the testimony of their spirits (saying), ‘Am I not your Lord?’ They said, ‘Yes (You are our God), we testified . ‘(We are doing such) so that the Day of Judgment ye should say,’ Surely when we neglect it. (Al A’raf: 172).

Remember means to call back (recall) of all things (knowledge) ever recorded in a storage area to be used. If not remember who, what, where, and when something happens in everyday life, a person will not be able to learn anything. Knowledge to be unlikely. People to rethink the ideas just by short-term memory and it stores the events in the past with long-term memory.

Therefore, remember Allah suggests, someone has to have knowledge of God, ever a meeting between him (the recall) with Allah (the knowledge) that were recorded in the past. Meeting that he recorded in long-term memory and so necessary, he can recall. Therefore, if never met God, what a person can remember from memory?

Paragraph Al A’raf shows, before coming into the world, each person had met God in the spirit and God took his testimony, he acknowledged God, God’s people. And, although not yet have a body, the verse indicates, the spirit of man has been able to record the meeting, save it, and when in the world, he forgot. Because of this, God reminded the meeting with a purpose, “…. (We are doing such) so that the Day of Judgment ye should say, ‘Surely when we neglect it.”

Means, until the hereafter, God will hold men about the meeting and every person who died, returned to the form of a spirit, unable to deny that He is Allah, his Lord. He cannot find the reason: I have never testify and promised thee, O God, I never tell you about you, or we have never met before. This is the first realization that there is in every man of God, about himself, and God’s dealings with him. Because it is universal, occurring in individuals not yet born when the world’s consciousness can be called a collective consciousness. Be the nature of every human being.

Psychologically, the function of recording and storing functions of the individual self and has no place when a person is still in spirit form. The problem is, first, after the birth and has a body in the world, the function of the human mind cannot recall the events of his encounter with God. Adhering to the concept of C.G. Jung (with all the criticism) of the collective consciousness, inability to remember does not mean that the knowledge of God met just disappeared, but the tape has become archetypes. As the contents of the collective consciousness, according to the founder of analytical psychology, the archetypes cannot be observed directly or cannot be shown, psychoid. Thus, the task of a psychologist (Muslims) to find and prove these archetypes for the rule of Islam.

The second problem, once recorded, the knowledge of God, which is in the form of archetypes, it is unclear by what is recorded and stored where. Because there is no body, of a tape recorder and a place to store the tapes also take the form of spirits. People often refer to memory in the brain. However, it is difficult to imagine the brain as a place to store memories. The neurologist found that the brain is not a static entity, but rather a dynamic collection of nerves that is constantly changing. All the chemical and cellular substances interact and constantly changing positions. Not like a regular CD format computer and static that can give the same information after saving a couple of years. Therefore, it is difficult to keep a memory can be saved and recalled in the brain that is constantly changing.

But, most importantly, after several decades, health experts still have not found parts of the brain that stores memories. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake explains, the search has been done to the minds of two opposite directions. When the majority of scientists find in the head, Sheldrake find out. Human memory, biologists said this, not in the brain, but instead in a kind of field that surrounds the brain, called morphonegetic field. From this angle, the brain does not function as storage facilities, storage, or thought itself, he only needed a physical nerve to connect the individual with morphonegetic field. The case of memory loss due to brain damage does not prove the memory is stored in the brain. Amnesia due to concussion, for example, usually temporary. Recovered memories are very difficult to explain by conventional theories: if the memory is lost due to damage to the membranes in the brain memory, the memory cannot go back.

Meeting with God that has been recorded by the spirit may be saved in a field morphonegetic archetypes shaped the collective consciousness. This event occurs before the man has a body. Archetypes may have not been detected, but on God’s longings, the desire at a meeting with himself, afraid and ashamed to meet Him, feelings of charity, and may also feel grateful for the blessings of God show, he always exists and His existence is recognized by people throughout history and not the testimony that has been repeated as to which humans first met him, “Yes Thou our Lord, we bear witness,” and continued with “La ilaha illa Allah”? * **

Note: Translated by Google Translate and corrected by the Word of MS Office based on the article “Ingat Allah dalam Cahaya Psiko-biologi.”